Mastering The Art of The Crimp Bead

Stringing beads is easy  hey anybody can do it. I mean heck I watched  some You Tube videos and it looked easy. I thought I can do this no problem. So I set out to buy all my supplies so I could get started. Now came the part of picking out the beads and oh my goodness never realized how many beads there could be. So finally I settled for some beads from the local Walmart….yeah yeah  I know quality…..not so much. But hey what can I say already spent a bundle on the tools and other supplies.

Got home unwrapped everything and layed  everything  out and was oh me now what. Put the beads on the bead broad and started playing around with the layout… that took some time. Finally  got it the way I liked. Thought now comes the easy part, stringing the beads. Well that was kinda easy except Bailey the cat decided to jump right in the middle of the bead broad to see what mom was doing and beads flew everywhere. So here I go and string the beads yet again…..after I locked Bailey out…lol


Now I thought what’s next as I had forgotten what I had watched  on the video. So I watched the video again. Needless to say I forgot to crimp one end  of the wire before stringing. So I had to figure out how to crimp one end without taking off the beads. I guess I could have done that if  had cut the wire long enough, which  of course I didn’t do….so you guessed it had to take everything off cut a longer piece of wire crimp one end and string yet again…..three times…but hey who’s counting. Holding on to those little crimp beads is not easy and crimping the one side not so bad. Then came the other side I wrestled with side so much I broke a sweat. I held up that necklace and was so proud. I was like look what I made. Then I went over to the mirror to try it on and guess what now….I forgot to put the clasp and jump ring on. Well to end the story of crimp beads. As you you can see I did in spite  of myself finish this necklace and here she is. I have kept this one and still wear it with pride.

So hope you enjoy my little story of the crimp beads. Wish I could say I have master the art of the crimp beads  but I still struggle with them. I guess that is why I switched to mixed media. For those of you that still crimp I say happy crimping.



4 thoughts on “Mastering The Art of The Crimp Bead

  1. If I say I was laughing as I read this, know that it was with you and not at you. After stringing for over 10 years I still have days like that. I usually leave the wire on the spool now, to be sure I have a long enough piece. Even then, stuff happens. Luckily, the cut wire bits that ended up too short for a necklace are plenty long enough for a bracelet later.


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